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EU pledges more financial aid to Lesotho

The Mohokare River running dry

Nov. 1, 2019 2 min read

MASERU - The European Union (EU) has pledged 41 million Euros (M690 million) grant to be blended with conversional loans from the EU Investment Bank and the World Bank to contribute towards the development of various sectors in Lesotho.

The EU Representative in Lesotho and Counsellor Tomas Aparisi said this at a two-day national urban forum coordinated by the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftainship in Maseru this week.
Mr Aparisi said the funds would be used to finance the next lowlands water development project to provide access to safe drinking water to the cities and businesses in the Southern Lowlands of Lesotho.
He said EU and Lesotho government had acknowledged that for the cities to better function and improve human development, both water supply and sanitation were essential hence the pledge.

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Mr Aparisi said this included unserved rural and urban areas that would enable people to engage in economic activities especially in Agri-business as a way of adapting to climate change.
He said the project was expected to start early next year and re-affirmed the EU commitment in working with Lesotho government to further implement projects under various sectors that included water and energy in order to contribute towards the achievement of the National Strategic Development Plan II targets and Sustainable Development Goals.

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