Sept. 7, 2021


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MISA to hold ethics training for journalists

MISA to hold ethics training for journalists

MISA Lesotho National Director, Lekhetho Makhanya Ntsukunyane

Story highlights

  • Workshop to cover basics of professional reporting
  • Will also look into issues on code of conduct and ethics

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THE Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Lesotho in collaboration with the Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA) will hold a two-day workshop for media practitioners on capacity-building, ethics as well as professional and gender sensitive starting from Tuesday.

According to the MISA Lesotho National Director, Lekhetho Makhanya Ntsukunyane, the training will among others cover issues like basics of professional reporting, good reporting skills as well as gender concepts and gender based violence.
Other areas to be addressed at the workshop, he said will include issues on code of conduct and ethics new media technology and era of fake news and media regulation.

Established in 1996, MISA Lesotho is a MISA chapter and a non-governmental, non-profit making, member-driven organisation.

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The association aims to play a leading role in creating an environment of media freedom and freedom of expression that promotes independence, pluralism, diversity of views and opinions, media sustainability, competency and professionalism through research, advocacy, collaboration and capacity building.
MISA Lesotho is associated with institutions and individuals with specific interest in media issues, with the exception of members of the police, armed forces and political parties. LeNA

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