Sept. 25, 2021


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NSS boss accused of interfering with court proceedings

NSS boss accused of interfering with court proceedings

The High Court of Lesotho

Story highlights

  • Subordinate officer refuses to vacate NSS house
  • Ralenkoane accuses applicant of violating NSS laws

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LINEO Ramathe, a member of the National Security Service (NSS), is accusing her boss, Director General Pheello Ralenkoane of interfering with the judicial proceedings that are ongoing, in a matter in which she is challenging the legality of a decision to evict her from a government house that she occupies.

She says Ralenkoane’s conduct subverts the court’s power to administer justice without interference.
This Ramathe says in her papers filed in the High Court in which she also challenges an intended disciplinary action against her which resulted from her alleged refusal to vacate the NSS house.

She has since been instructed to explain why disciplinary measures cannot be taken against her.
Ramathe says Ralenkoane’s act is not in the interest of the public but for personal advantage of the respondents to render academic the review application she brought, challenging her eviction, which she contends is illegal.
She states that the process of taking disciplinary action against her is filled with irregularities, improprieties and illegalities, adding that it is calculated to undermine the administration of justice.

She says it also undermines the court system and inhibits her from availing herself to the court for the settlement of her dispute.
She submits that the respondents as the repository of powers demonstrably indicate their mala fide intent to constructively defeat and or obstruct the course of justice.

The applicant says the suffering she is being subjected to as long as the disciplinary proceedings remain in place is unbearable as it exposes her to financially and psychologically irreparable harm.

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“I have a right to fair determination of civil rights and obligation by courts,” she adds.

She therefore asks the court to suspend the intended decision to proceed with disciplinary action against her, pending the determination of this application and the main application. She is also asking that it be declared that Ralenkoane’s intended decision to institute disciplinary action against her constitutes contempt of court and is consequently illegal.
The NSS accuses her of violating the organisation’s laws by refusing to vacate its house. LeNA

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