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NUL accused of mismanagement

NUL Vice Chancellor Prof Kananelo Mosito

Nov. 10, 2020 3 min read

3 min read

MANAGEMENT of the National University of Lesotho (NUL) is under fire, accused of discrimination, poor governance and worthless implementation of online teaching and learning.

The Lesotho University Teachers and Researchers Union (Lutaru) has petitioned the NUL Vice Chancellor Professor Kananelo Mosito (KC) to redress of the concerns.

Lutaru also wants management to consider a 5 per cent inflation adjustor retrospective from the end of July for all NUL employees.

In the petition released this week, Lutaru made shocking revelations that the current staff promotions criteria at the institution has proven to be innately unjust and discriminatory.

This injustice, the union says has come about as a result of differential and discriminatory treatment among staff members who had applied for promotion since 2018.

“The university management has selectively chosen to promote certain members among our fellow colleagues retrospectively with full pay while in some cases, some equally deserving fellow staff members had been promoted but had to forfeit payment of certain years within their promotion threshold.

“Undoubtedly, these disproportionate promotions criteria poses an especially pernicious problem, which is, in every respect, innately unjust and discriminatory,” Lutaru said. Their interpretation is therefore that, there are colleagues who have benefitted from the discriminatory promotions criterion while others will suffer through non-remuneration commensurate with their promotions.

Discriminatory practices by the NUL management, the union further shows equally extend to other non-academic staff members.

“As the members of the NUL community, we, therefore, categorically demand the Vice Chancellor and NUL management to facilitate the redress of these inequalities evident in the manner of treatment among NUL employees,” Lutaru added.

 Furthermore, Lutaru accuses the management of poor governance, insinuating that the university is not managed according to the existing laws, statutes, ordinances, and other legally recognised regulations enacted by appropriate authorities.

For instance, the union argues, there is long train of un-statutory conduct and practice by the office of the Human Resource Director (HR), which have led them to register their concerns.

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“…the Human Resource director does not fully comply with the governing legislation of the NUL Act, Statutes, and Ordinances with regard to the terms of reference for employment as stated in one or all of the three governing pillars of the NUL Act,” Lutaru showed.

From time to time, the union shows the HR director has been found to be unilaterally and arbitrarily placing newly recruited staff members where she deems suitable in direct violation to the existing NUL Act and other Statutes that govern staff recruitment.  

The NUL community also argues that the online teaching and learning was arbitrarily imposed on staff and students alike without due consultations and has as a result failed to produce desired end results.

The Thuto Portal, which both staff and students in many cases were unable to access, has proved to be functionally and administratively confused, to the extent that some examinations were either not written according to the Exam Timetable, or were written at a later time or date, or worse still, not written by some students at all.




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