Jan. 11, 2023


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Over 30 Basotho deported from SA

Over 30 Basotho deported from SA

Basotho zama-Zama arrested in South Africa

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    Majority of deportees are from Qacha’s Nek
    Twelve expatriated this month are from Maseru alone

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AT least 36 Lesotho nationals who stayed and worked in South Africa illegally were deported back home from December last year to date.

According to the Acting Maseru District Administrator (DA), Neo Johane, before their subsequent expatriation, the deportees were held in custody by the SA authorities as they did not possess proper documentation that allowed them to work or reside in that country.

Most of them, she said were from Qacha’s Nek, Mohale’s Hoek Quthing, Mafeteng, and Maseru.

The 12 received this month, she noted were from Maseru alone.

“Although there was a challenge of transport as our office only has one vehicle, we, however, managed to ferry all the deportees to their respective home districts,” she said.
Johane said the number of exiles has decreased this year compared to the previous year.

This, she said, is an indication that most Basotho living and working in South Africa now understand the importance of possessing proper permits that warrant their legal stay in that country.

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For his part, the Coordinator of the Cross Border Crime Prevention Forum (CBCPF), Litaba Mohapi said the body is concerned by the high number of Lesotho nationals deported back home.
“The majority of the deportees are normally disposed of during awkward hours at ports of entry that are far from their respective districts, and this poses a serious challenge to the DAs who have to transport them home,” Litaba also said. - LeNA


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