March 8, 2019

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Rapapa commends Rapapa commends principals, teachers, parents

Rapapa commends Rapapa commends principals, teachers, parents

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Minister of Education and Training (MoET) has commended principals, teachers and parents for supporting learners on their educational journey despite the challenges faced in 2018. This, Professor Ntoi Rapapa said at the 2018 Junior Certificate (JC) and Lesotho General Certificate of Secondary Examinations (LGCSE) top achievers awards giving ceremony. He noted that as a result of the support, the learners will grow into independent individuals who will be able to lead their communities and the country at large. He reminded them that they are role models of their juniors, therefore, he emphasized the importance of working more hard to succeed. He expressed hope that the knowledge they gained will assist in developing Lesotho. He further pointed out that they should identify what they want to do with their lives in order to become professionals.

Professor Rapapa stated that at the moment, the government of Lesotho is working hard to ensure that there is stability in the country's education system, expressing hope that they will reach agreement with teachers. Speaking at the same event, Metropolitan Lesotho Managing Director, Nkau Matete, said “education is an investment which gives children a chance to make it in live. The involvement of a category for learners with special educational needs, shows their preparedness to inclusiveness.” He highlighted that they have presented learners with special educational needs with braille laptops which will assist them in their studies. He pointed out that schools which received M20,000 should use it to establish sustainable projects which will directly make a positive difference in the lives of students. He further said that they were concerned about teachers' strike, expressing hope that all would be over soon in order for things to go as normal in schools for the benefit of the country as a whole.

Principal representative Mathafeng Moteoli said they were proud of learners and their good work. He indicated that they should continue working hard together with discipline as they were bound to lead them to great success. He added that they should expect more challenges as they go to tertiary. However, he noted that they should always remember to strive for doing right and have company of right people, who have right manners and aim for good. He thanked MoET and Metropolitan for the awards ceremony and for engaging school boards and teachers in the celebration. He further commended Metropolitan saying through the initiative, money circulates in the country for different schools to benefit from it. He disclosed that as teachers they are ready to discuss way forward
with the ministry so that they can continue grooming students and further turning them into better individuals.

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On behalf of the students, Ts'epo Van-Tonder thanked teachers and parents for their support and love. “We still need your guidance in order to make good decisions for our future. We are determined to work hard and respect others.” Metropolitan Lesotho sponsored the event with M525,000. The students received among others trophies, certificates, laptops as well as investment money.


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