Dec. 13, 2022


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Suspected sodomiser declines bail

Suspected sodomiser declines bail

The Maseru Magistrate's Court

Story highlights

    Accused speedily pleads guilty to the rape charge
    The court gives accused a chance to rethink his plea

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A Ha Abia man who allegedly sodomised his mentally challenged neighbour will probably have his day in court after the Christmas holidays as the Maseru Magistrate’s Court could not hear his case this week.

The trial against Mokula Moeno, 42, who is alleged to have sodomised a 27-year-old man from his neighbourhood was unable to proceed on Monday as Resident Magistrate Nthabiseng Moopisa Motilane who presides over the case was unwell.

The court is therefore yet to decide on a suitable date for the unfamiliar trial to be heard.  

Meanwhile, Moeno who was arrested after the incident has since been remanded in custody, pending the finalisation of the case.

The accused had two weeks previously appeared before the same court and was formally charged with rape.

Although he pleaded guilty as charged, the court, however, gave him a chance to go and rethink his plea, owing to the gravity of the charges levelled against him.

If found guilty, the accused is likely to be slapped with a lengthy jail term not shorter than 15 years.

The court warned him that he had a right to get a legal representative of his choice and apply for bail although, for reasons known only to himself, he decided not to apply for the bail.

Evidence before the court shows that after sexually molesting the mentally challenged man on November 22, Moeno disappeared from his village.

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But the Lithoteng Police who were hot on his heels finally tracked him down and arrested him a few days later before he was hauled in the Maseru Magistrate’s Court on December 1.

It is alleged that since the incident, the mental state of the victim has deteriorated drastically.

It is further alleged that since the alleged rape, the victim has been bleeding profusely and it is suspected that the accused might have raptured his rectum.

Qunimuzi Tshabalala represents the Crown in the matter.






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