Jan. 31, 2023


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BNP concerned about dismissed civil servants

BNP concerned about dismissed civil servants

BNP leader, Machesetsa Mofomobe

Story highlights

    Some workers have been issued with show cause why letters
    Sacked employees drawn from various govt ministries and departments

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BNP is concerned about the increasing number of government officials who are being dismissed from service, saying they are being treated unfairly.

Since the new administration took over after the October general elections, over 100 officials from various government ministries have been shown the door, with others slapped with show cause why letters.

The coalition government led by Prime Minister Sam Matekane argues that the sacked employees were hired politically and not through proper channels.
In a press statement, the BNP shows that the fired senior officials include Principal Secretaries, the Attorney-General and officials from government parastatals like the Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC), Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority (LEWA), and persons deployed on international missions.
Other dismissed officers, the BNP, says were contracted persons deployed in different government ministries like Home Affairs, Tourism, Finance, and Communications amongst others.

The government has pledged to terminate their contracts by the end of February.

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BNP says the firing of civil servants tarnishes the image of the government, adding that the matter could have been addressed amicably through proper communication.

The government, the opposition party further shows stands to lose a lot of money when the dismissed workers take the matter to court.

It says the government should be working towards job creation instead of dismissing working people.  

In a bid to meet the sacked workers halfway, the BNP has pledged to raise funds that will help pay for their legal fees. - LeNA


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