Oct. 21, 2022


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Coalition agreement signed, sealed

Coalition agreement signed, sealed

RFP leader, Sam Matekane

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    The partners promise accountability
    Under the agreement, there will be a Cabinet of not more than 15 ministers

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THE coalition agreement signed between the RFP, AD, and MEC has introduced a new phenomenon, “accountability day” on which partners shall have to report back to the public on a quarterly basis.

Among others, accountability day shall look into the spending of government, whether envisaged goals have been achieved, and to what degree they have been achieved.

This is likely to act as motivation to those that have been entrusted to deliver the mandate of the government.

The agreement further indicates that there shall be a Cabinet of not more than 15 ministers, including the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, which shall be appointed and led by the Prime Minister.

“There shall be an Accountability Day on which coalition partners shall report back to the public on a quarterly basis. There shall be a Monitoring and Evaluation Unit under the Office of the Prime Minister and cabinet shall meet regularly and shall be the only forum where government decision is made on all critical issues and those that are prescribed constitutionally,” the agreement revealed.

Partners have also agreed that they will support the government on procedural motions in the house and in portfolio committees, and that executive members will be bound by the cabinet manual's provisions on the conduct, public duty and personal interests of ministers.

Consultation shall be presumed to precede every important decision by the Prime Minister, however, consultation shall not be assumed to mean agreement.

The Prime Minister, on the other hand, shall always exercise his constitutional powers in the interest of preserving the stability of the coalition government.

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“All cabinet members shall be bound by the principle of collective cabinet responsibility such that all cabinet confidentiality and decisions will bind all cabinet members,” the coalition agreement added.

While both the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister shall come from the RFP, the other partners, AD and MEC shall be allocated one minister each.

The Prime Minister shall be responsible for the performance and disciplinary matters of all cabinet ministers.

Among others, the coalition government has prioritised issues of good governance, agriculture, industry and natural resources as well as education and health.










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