Nov. 17, 2022


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King urges new govt to turn Lesotho fortunes around

King urges new govt to turn Lesotho fortunes around

His Majesty King Letsie III

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    Government, His Majesty says shall focus on development of several infrastructure projects
    King promises investment in agro-industry, food security and nutrition

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HIS Majesty King Letsie III says the 11th Parliament is determined to turn Lesotho’s fortunes around and will work in collaboration with all stakeholders to bring into operation programmes geared toward stimulating economic growth.

He made these comments on Thursday during the official opening of the first sitting of the 11th Parliament of Lesotho.

This, after the October 7 general elections, which saw mining magnate, Sam Matekane’s newly formed Revolution for Prosperity (RFP) forming a new coalition government with the Alliance of Democrats (AD) and the Movement for Economic Change (MEC).

“My government is determined to turn around Lesotho’s fortunes and to this end will work in collaboration with all stakeholders to bring into operation programmes that are geared towards stimulating economic growth.

“This will be in areas such as investment in agro-industry, food security, and nutrition, effective management of national water resources to meet the needs of current and future generations as well as selling water to neighbouring countries like South Africa and Botswana,” said His Majesty.

He added that the new government shall among others ensure that bills that could not be passed by the 10th Parliament are treated as a matter of priority and enacted in order to guarantee much-needed progress.

“The government is further cognizant of the fact that there are a number of bills that were not passed by the 10th Parliament and it will act in earnest with the 11th Parliament through its parliamentary committees to ensure that those bills and other important bills are enacted,” he said.

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The King further showed that the government shall focus on the rehabilitation and construction of roads and other infrastructure projects, generation of renewable energy, improvement of the manufacturing sector, review of the management of natural resources and the mining sector as well as the development of the tourism sector.

The government, he said, will remain an active and loyal member of the international community and maintain its membership in international bodies like the United Nations (UN) and all its agencies along with the Commonwealth, the African Union (AU), and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to name but a few.

“We shall remain committed and loyal to these organisations because we share common ideals and principles which we believe are essential in maintaining regional, continental and global stability, peace and development,” he also said.


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