Sept. 15, 2022


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Lesotho has enough land to feed nation – Kabi

Lesotho has enough land to feed nation – Kabi

ABC leader, Nkaku Kabi

Story highlights

    ABC leader says Lesotho’s soil is as good as SA’s
    Kabi appeals for election of leaders who will implement their parties’ manifestos

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LEADER of the All Basotho Convention (ABC), Nkaku Kabi says Lesotho has enough arable land that can produce sufficient food to feed the entire nation and export surplus to other countries.

He was speaking on Saturday during a visit to the state-owned Radio Lesotho where he explained that the quality of Lesotho’s soil was as good as South Africa’s.

The ruling party’s leader was speaking during a programme where political leaders are given air space to present their manifestos to the electorate in preparation for the upcoming general elections scheduled for October 7.

Kabi who was elected ABC leader earlier this year, replacing the founder, Motsoahae Thabane said his statement was based on a study made by experts within the party.

“The soil in the neighbouring South Africa is not made of gold, we have as good loam soils as the SA that can produce enough food for everybody,” he said.

He said it was high time that the Lesotho Agricultural College (LAC) was able to produce animal feeds for poultry, pigs, cattle and sheep, so that Basotho could stop importing animal feed from South Africa.

He appealed to Basotho to be wise enough to elect people who will be able to implement their parties’ manifestos.

“Some of the leaders are merely in this race in order to remain in Parliament, they have no intentions or the ability to take this country to greater heights,” he said.

Kabi who is former Minister of Agriculture and Food Security pleaded for the protection of wetlands in order to preserve the country’s water sources.

“Their preservation will among others stop key structures such as the Mohale and Katse dams from becoming white elephants. These important dams will eventually dry up if no measures are taken now to conserve our wetlands,” he said.
He believed that over grazing is a major source of soil erosion which has left many mountains without any vegetation for animals.
Commenting on the country’s diamond industry, he said only a small portion of the local diamonds recorded as many continue to slip through the fingers.

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He said if ABC, which has been in power since 2017 returns to rule, he will make proper monitoring of the mining processes to ensure that all recovered diamonds are reported and recorded for the benefit of the country.
He promised that construction of new schools, especially in the highlands will be his priority with a view to reduce the distance travelled by learners between home and school.

He further promised to create more employment and grow the economy while discouraging illegal miners to go to work in closed SA mines.

“This is because some of these illegal miners end up committing crimes in the SA, which could spoil bilateral relations between the two countries,” he also said. - LeNA

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