Jan. 24, 2023


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’Malichaba Lekhoaba is still UFC leader

’Malichaba Lekhoaba is still UFC leader

UFC leader, 'Malichaba Lekhoaba

Story highlights

    Lekhoaba temporarily vacates UFC’s top seat for a job outside Lesotho
    Mohlominyane Tota is elected the party’s interim leader

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LEADER of the United for Change (UFC), ’Malichaba Lekhoaba has shot down allegations that she is leaving the party, saying she has secured employment somewhere out of the country.

The allegations follow a circular that was recently issued by the party, informing constituencies’ committees and all members about her continued absence in Lesotho.

The circular dated January 13 noted that Mohlominyane Tota who is the second in command will be the interim leader in Lekhoaba’s absence, indicating, however, that she, (Lekhoaba) remains the party leader.

For her part, Lekhoaba could not be drawn to give full details of her new job outside the country, saying nonetheless that she is still part and parcel of the party.

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“After the October general elections, we sat down as leaders of UFC and considered dissolving the party after losing some of our members to Revolutionary for Prosperity (RFP). But we ended up not disbanding the party because we still believe that the UFC can bring a drastic change in the country’s democracy,” she said. - LeNA

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