Sept. 29, 2022


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Mochoboroane denounces famo gangsterism

Mochoboroane denounces famo gangsterism

Leader of MEC, Selibe Mochoboroane

Story highlights

    MEC leader professes his undying love for famo music
    Famo gangsters are linked to killings related to illegal mining in South Africa

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LEADER of Movement for Economic Change (MEC), Selibe Mochoboroane has taken a swipe at famo-related killings that are rife in Mafeteng, saying such incidents are totally unacceptable in today’s political arenas.

“We do not like these famo gangs, which are tied to waves of violence and endless killings,” he said at his party’s rally in Matsieng last Sunday.

While the MEC leader who is also the Minister of Development Planning professed his undying love for famo music, he also made clear his stance against the killings associated with the popular indigenous music genre.

“These famo gangsters should not intermingle with our politics,” he said, pleading with his supporters to only support the music.

What triggered his concern is that after the commission of such famo-related killings, leaders of those gangs usually frustrate the wheel of justice through their unknown contrivances.  

These famo gangsters who are known to be deadly are also linked to killings related to illegal mining in South Africa.

They are also believed to be part of organised crime syndicates operating both in Lesotho and South Africa.

Mochoboroane, who is also a Member of Parliament (MP) for the Thabana Morena constituency in Mafeteng told his supporters that political leaders who enjoy the support of famo gangsters play a pivotal role in turning cases into banana skins in court.

He shared similar sentiments with Prime Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro who contends that politicians who are in cahoots with famo gangsters usually throw spanners in the works at the crimes they commit.

Mochoboroane argued that it is unspeakable for famo gangsters to kill people with impunity to later flee to South Africa in hiding.

“We do not have to support that kind of dirt,” he said.

Mochoboroane denounces famo gangsterism

Members of the Terene movement

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Mochoboroane denounces famo gangsterism

Leader of ABC, Nkaku Kabi

The famo music rivalry which has spanned decades in the country has cost scores of lives, leaving many widowed women and orphaned children in distress.

Men who are usually breadwinners in their families have been mowed down in the incessant fighting, leaving their families mired in wretched poverty and wallowing in endless pain with no closure.

“We do not give famo groups a platform to speak at our political rallies. We only support their music,” Mochoboroane further said.

However, he could not state the names of political parties that offer famo musicians the podium to speak at their rallies.

Leader of All Basotho Convention (ABC), Nkaku Kabi recently announced that he had forged a relationship with Terene.

Kabi was however, quick to show that his party did not condone the crimes committed by Terene gangsters.

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