Oct. 25, 2022


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Sekhamane is new speaker of parliament

Sekhamane is new speaker of parliament

The new speaker of parliament, Tlohang Sekhamane

Story highlights

    AD’s Kose Makoa loses by 49 votes
    The former GS garners 69 votes

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FOUNDING member of the Revolution for Prosperity (RFP), Tlohang Sekhamane, has been elected the new speaker of parliament after garnering 69 votes.

The former Principal Secretary, Government Secretary, Minister for Finance, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations on Tuesday this week beat competitor, Kose Makoa who collected 49 votes.

Makoa is a member of the Alliance of Democrats (AD.

The AD led by Monyane Moleleki has formed a ruling partnership with the RFP of Sam Matekane and Selibe Mochoboroane’s Movement for Economic Change (MEC).

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In his remarks, shortly after taking an oath of allegiance Sekhamane said one of the most outstanding features of the 11th parliament is that it is dominated by new faces, thus symbolising new hope and rebirth.   

“It could be argued that no parliament has had so many new people since 1993. New faces, so to speak, represent freshness, change, and a new way of doing things,” Sekhamane also said.

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