Sept. 5, 2022


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Shao promises more jobs for Basotho

Shao promises more jobs for Basotho

Basotho Pele nominee, Jason Shao

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    The Chinese man wants to develop farming through science
    Shao believes that Lesotho should produce its own cars and spares

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An Independent candidate of Chinese descent, Jason Shao has promised to create numerous employment opportunities for Basotho if he is elected to Parliament in the upcoming general elections scheduled for October 7.

Shao who is a local businessman is a nominee under a new party called Basotho Pele.

Basotho Pele is a development organisation whose main objective is to bring change to the community.

It primarily focuses on the community of Ha Tsolo in Maseru on development projects such as sports, education and agriculture to mention a few.

Shao is a Chinese national and a naturalised citizen of Lesotho since 2006.
Using his cocktail of choppy English and Sesotho, he pledged to focus his attention on developing both the manufacturing and agricultural sectors in a bid to promote the derisory local economy.

He said crop and livestock production would be improved through scientific methods, citing hybrid seed production, irrigation schemes and dry farming facilities among others.

“Lesotho should have its own firms that manufacture motor vehicles, spares and electronic devices so that we do not have to buy everything from other countries, we should also export items produced in the country,” he said.

 “Public safety and security of investors and their assets are key to the improvement of the economy of any country, hence, security agencies will be provided with proficient training to ensure the safety of all investments in the country,” he said.

Education, he said is central to the development of economy, adding that the type of education Lesotho provides does not offer relevant skills required to grow the country and its people.

“I plan to improve education and focus on fields like engineering so that the country could build better roads, dams and buildings. The world is currently training people on the fourth industrial revolution, therefore Lesotho should be no exception. I will empower Basotho with relevant skills that will answer the needs of the country like artificial intelligence, automation and block chain technology,” he further showed.

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Shao made history when he became the first foreigner to highlight their intentions to stand for the national assembly general elections.

There is a total of 65 political parties vying for the 120 parliamentary seats, 80 of which are constituency seats while 40 are for the Proportional Representation (PR) compensatory seats. - LeNA

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