Dec. 9, 2020


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Maseru Giants suspended from rugby league

Maseru Giants suspended from rugby league

FLR Secretary General Litšitso Motšeremeli

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MASERU Giants have been suspended from the Lesotho Rugby League for forfeiting two consecutive league games, the Federation of Lesotho Rugby (FLR) Secretary General Litšitso Motšeremeli confirmed on Monday.

“The FLR constitution states that any team that forfeits two consecutive matches will be suspended from the league for the entire season with immediate effect provided the team fails to give valid reasons for not honouring such games.  

“Giants were always present during FLR meetings and their management confirmed they would be part of the league before its resumption. But surprisingly, only the management and a few players showed up for the two games in question,” he said.       

“When asked the whereabouts of the absent players, the club managements said they were held up in other commitments, which did not make sense at all.

“All the teams in the league have a clear development strategy. For instance, Mabote Beavers have players in schools including Tšepo, Rasetimela, Lancer’s Gap, Phomolong and Berea, therefore they cannot claim to have insufficient players to play matches,” he added.

Giants, he noted will spend the 2021 season playing in the lower league and have to write to the federation explaining that they have built a team and are keen to be reinstated into the elite league for the 2022 season.

“The constitution is clear that every team in the elite league should have a women and development teams. It is unfortunate that Giants failed to consider that clause about the development strategy,” he added.

Maseru Giants suspended from rugby league

Maseru Giants in blue and gold outfit during a past league match

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For his part, Giants’ chairman Advocate Letlatsa Letompa said the team forfeited the two matches because they did not have enough players. 

“We had limited players who could not form a team during the two games,” he said, adding that the absent players were held up in other commitments.

“The club committee is yet to meet and discuss the way forward in respect of the matter then we will release a press statement thereafter,” Adv Letompa added.

The Lesotho Rugby League 2020 season is left with only two matches before it ends and the champions will be crowned on December 19.

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