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Under-20 coach fired

Former Makoanyane XI coach Bob Mafoso

Jan. 10, 2020 1 min read

MASERU - The Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) which is on a clean-up campaign to purge ineffective national coaches has fired the Under 20 (Makoanyane XI) technical team led by Bob Mafoso.

According to LeFA communications officer Mikia Kalati, the football governing body will make a decision about a new coach at an appropriate time as it awaits recommendations from the technical director.

“We appreciate the commitment and hard work that Mr Mafoso and his technical team displayed during their tenure in charge of Makoanyane XI.
“We wish them well in their other endeavors,” he stated.
Mafoso joined Makoanyane XI technical team in 2017 as the assistant coach under the then head coach Leslie Notsi.

Both Notsi and Mafoso led the squad all the way to the final of the regional COSAFA Championship of that year.


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Under the guidance of Mafoso, Makoanyane XI were eliminated in group stages in the last two editions of the tournament. In a similar move, LeFA also fired the Under 17 national coach Halemakale Mahlaha along with his technical team last year after he failed to guide Bahlabani to the next stage of the regional COSAFA U- 17 Junior Championship which was held in Malawi.




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