Nov. 15, 2023


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Young to defend his Roof of Africa title again

Young to defend his Roof of Africa title again

Defending Roof of Africa champion, Wade Young

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    The six-time champion is expected to once again pull his magic this time around
    A total of 12 local riders will be competing in the silver, bronze, and iron categories

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SIXTH-time winner and defending champion of the Motul Roof of Africa, Wade Young of South Africa, is expected to lead the pack as one of the toughest biking races in the world takes off on November 30.

The Red Bull Hard Enduro legend rides a Factory Sherco. A total of 465 riders from 17 countries across the globe have registered for the 54th edition of this international biker's competition nick-named – The Mother of Hard Enduro.

At least 12 local riders will be competing in the silver, bronze, and iron categories; none will compete in the elite gold section.

One rider will compete in the silver category, while 10 are expected to compete in the bronze section, with one in the iron category.

The African continent will be represented by South Africa, Namibia, Eswatini, and Kenya.

Other international riders from outside Africa will be drawn from Iceland, Austria, the USA, Japan, Fiji, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and Australia.

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The spectacular three-day show of hard riding that normally brings traffic to a standstill in Maseru will commence with the usual “Round the Houses” component, which starts and finishes at the Maseru Club.

The race would then proceed straight to the time trial.

On December 1, the competition will start from Thaba Bosiu to Setibing or Lekhalong la Baroa, and on December 2, from Lekhalong la Baroa to Thaba Bosiu, where it will end.

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