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Granny faces sexual offence charges

Sept. 30, 2019 1 min read

MASERU - An 83 year old woman from Qacha’s Nek was last Wednesday arrested with a 47 year old male accomplice in relation to the alleged rape of a mentally impaired 15 year old girl.

According to the police, the victim was raped twice in different occasions.  Assistant police spokesperson Sergeant ’Mareabetsoe Mofoka said the old lady was aware of the crime but never reported the incidents to the police but accepted a donkey as payment from the perpetrator. Sgt Mofoka said the old lady also accepted cattle as part of the settlement.

She said investigations revealed that in February last year the girl had attended a religious ceremony where a 24-year- old man pulled her into the kraal and sexually harassed her.

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“The girl reported the assault to her grandmother who then went to confront the suspect. On her way she met the suspect’s father with whom an agreement was made to settle the matter without involving the police, and she was given the donkey,” Sgt Mofoka elaborated.

In another incident the victim was in July sexually assaulted by another 21-year-old man. Similarly, the matter was not reported to the police. Police reports further show that the victim is presently pregnant. “Both suspects will appear before court once police investigations are complete. The first suspect is reported to currently be at an initiation school while the second one has fled to South Africa,” Sgt Mofoka also said. 

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