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Police promise a public pardon

Police spokesperson Sub Insp 'Mareabetsoe Mofoka

Sept. 8, 2020 1 min read

1 min read

POLICE have pledged to pardon members of the public who will surrender illegal firearms which are in their possession during the course of this month.

This was announced during a routine press briefing at the police headquarters by police spokesperson Sub Inspector ’Mareabetsoe Mofoka on Monday.

She, therefore, called upon those who are in possession of unlicensed firearms to surrender them at the nearest police stations and their respective area chiefs.
Mofoka further promised that there will be no criminal cases opened against such people, adding that cases will only be opened against those who had used the said guns in criminal activities.

She said last week, police opened a total of 19 stock theft cases, adding that two people connected with some of the cases have since been arrested.

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“Members of the public reported the loss of 44 cattle, two horses, six donkeys, 203 sheep and 109 goats in the past week,” she noted, adding that they have since recovered 42 of the cattle, two donkeys, 201 sheep as well as two goats.


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