Aug. 24, 2020


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DIFA Mafeteng raises awareness about COVID-19 relief fund

DIFA Mafeteng raises awareness about COVID-19 relief fund

LeFA president KC Salemane Phafane

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MASERU – The DIFA Mafeteng office toured some of its football zones over the weekend with the aim of briefing clubs about the COVID-19 Relief fund which will soon be disbursed by the Lesotho Football Association (LeFA).

The delegation led by DIFA Mafeteng president Tšeliso Ramatla toured zones including among others Makeneng, Motsekuoa, Tšakholo and the Leshoboro Stadium area in Mafeteng town. President of LeFA King’s Counsel Salemane Phafane has urged other DIFAs from around the country to follow their Mafeteng counterparts’ example with a view to meet the mother body halfway in spreading the gospel about the imminent fund.

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LeFA has announced that all clubs which will benefit from the fund are expected to utilise the monies accordingly and account for every cent spent.

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